No significant effort in the life of children can be done by one individual or a single organization. As the old African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Therefore, KM would like to acknowledge some of the organizations that come along side of us to aid in the effort to Bring Hope one child at a time: We like to render honor unto whom honor is due and in keeping with that, KM reserves this page to make mention of the partners and supporters who make the ministry possible

How We Collaborate With Our Community Partners

We believe that investing in the local community is the best way to bing hope and have long-lasting transformation in the lives of the children we have the opportunity to impact. Our partners have years of experience working with abused and abandoned children. They are best able to communicate and exemplify character development for these children in the cultural framework the orphans operate. Working with our community of friends transforms more than just the orphan, through the connections established, it transforms the community overflowing to the next. While KM raises funds and awareness, our friends develop, mobilize, educate, protect, and disciple orphans and communities daily.

We use discernment to make sure that our partners have the character and competency to develop the type of child that will exemplify Christ-like character. We spend extensive levels of time with friends to observe and ensure they have the skills, resources, support, and training to create strong communities in which children can dwell. We visit them to for encouragement and support, as well as to maintain accountability.

They are expected to share our mission and vision. They must have a compassion for and patience with the difficulties often associated with orphans. They must be connecting the community or orphans in concentric circles of impact by sharing information, resources, and relationships in the effort to make the larger community stronger, both locally and nationally.