There is no better way to touch the life of an orphan than being there to take them in your arms. This will be one of the best adventures of your life.Not only will you have the privilege of serving some of God's own, you will have the opportunity to visit a village and see hope in action. 


Our wonderful volunteers extend OH ability to bring hope through the hugs, smiles, and hard work done on the ground and behind the scenes. The talent, creativity, and positive energy each volunteer brings makes the job we have undertaken that much easier and makes hope shine that much brighter for children who had few prospects of reaching adulthood. There is a place beyond prayers and donations where you can be a part of OH.

OH seeks to move beyond physiological needs to address the mind. We accomplish this through our Operation Educate Initiative by providing hope through opportunities for orphans to learn.


Your donations meet the needs of orphans and caregivers abroad and support the administrative and fund raising efforts at home


The Hope Cup Soccer Tournament Series Initiative exist as an encouragement tool linked with OH’s Operation Educate Initiative. The tournaments take place three times a year in April, August, and December which coincide with the school holiday months on the Kenyan educational calendar.